Garden houses and equipment sheds

    We produce timber planks made from Nordic conifers as a complete construction kit for garden houses and equipment sheds. All elements are pre-fabricated with the utmost precision and care. As a result, we can guarantee that exclusively products in perfect condition leave our production halls.

    Depending on the model, our houses are available with wall thicknesses of 16, 19, 28, 34 and 44 mm. We offer classic saddle roof shapes and modern flat-roof houses.

    The delivery takes place including German-language assembly instructions and all fixing materials and fittings. On dispatch – with the exception of the foundation timbers –the wood is dried using appropriate technology to approx. 16 +/- 2 % and left completely untreated. We recommend – as with all products from the “Holz-Im-Garden” (Wood in the garden) sector – treatment using a protective primer coat against blue stain. Our care instructions should be observed to ensure a long service life.